How it Works

Our Process

Four Simple Steps
  • Make Contact and Establish Work Requirements
  • The first step is for us to establish contact with you, and review your work objectives.

    At this stage, we will analyze such factors as:

    • necessary functionality
    • intended audience or user base
    • design requirements
    • timeline
    • payment arrangements/budget

    After sufficiently reviewing your objectives and requirements, we will make our suggestions and recommendations to you to accomplish these goals.

  • Agree on Strategy and Action Plan
  • At this point, we will decide several factors including:

    • type of technology to use (.NET, PHP, WordPress, DB's, etc.)
    • securing hosting; secure certificates (SSL) if necessary; other requisite tasks
    • development environment
    • project milestones

  • Begin the Work Process and Meet Milestones
  • This crucial step involves beginning the development and completing the work.

    After analyzing the tasks and separating them into different components, we will begin the work process and release each deliverable at the agreed upon milestone.

  • Review, Test and Deploy Finished Work
  • The final step is testing and reviewing.

    After signing off on the completion of the deliverables, we will deploy the code into your production environment.

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