Coding and Development

Web Coding & Application Development

  • We code in a variety of languages, including: VB.NET; C#; PHP; T-SQL; jQuery; CSS; HTML & Javascript.
  • We work with the popular Content Management Systems, including WordPress, Joomla and more. We also create Custom Templates for WordPress.
  • We code from the ground up (i.e. new projects) and we also can pick up where previous development ended; and we can do code maintenance.
  • All of our code is well-formed, unit tested, and we utilize best-practice techniques to ensure optimal quality.

Web Application and Programming Services

We can develop your web site or application using a variety of different technologies. We use the open-source model of PHP and MySql as well as the Microsoft development platform of .Net. We use these programming interfaces to get the job done well.

  • PHP & MySql
  • ASP.NET & C#
  • Objective C & Java (mobile)
  • T-SQL (for query based db calls)
  • Javascript & jQuery

Microsoft .NET is a programming platform or development environment typified on the web by the presence of ASP.NET web pages. These pages end in the extension of .aspx , and are served from the web server after they have been compiled on the server. They are usually written in either ASP.NET or C Sharp (C#) programming languages.

.NET Applications are useful for many purposes, primary of which is server controls which are not possible simply on standard web pages. Such controls include server authentication (i.e. password protected pages), database access, page management, and in general web-based applications. These applications can be robust, handling user account information, transactions, updating of databases, and the display of user account information dynamically on web pages.

PHP is a great open-source scripting language, which developers can use to create extensive web-applications, utilizing all of the functions necessary to build out a successful web site and web application. PHP integrates well with the open source SQL database, MySql. It is similar in what it is capable of doing with Microsoft ASP.NET, such as handling user sessions, accessing databases, and separating code logic from front-end user interface elements. PHP extension ends in .php

PHP is used extensively when building out web applications and sites. It is widely supported, well documented, and supported by the user community.

In summary we can develop your web site or application in .NET or PHP.